Reidaikyo Bridge and Stone Bridges Course -Explore the Beauty of Stone Bridges

Starting from Reidaikyo Bridge, this course goes around the area's famous stone bridges such as Hiwatashi Bridge, Izao Bridge, and a small stone bridge, Tursu Bridge. The nostalgic view of stone bridges will bring you back to the old times, and the clear stream of Tsutsu River is just soothing. The green moss at the sideway is a hidden beauty. Distance: about 9 km Time: about 160 minutes


Reidaikyo Bridge

Funatsu gorge was once a very important but at the same time a very dangerous point to Yabe area. People built a wodden bridge many times since mid Edo period, but all flew out. ...


Takenosako Shrine

Takenosako Shrine has a stage for villagers that is designated as a City's Cultural Property. The stage, built in a style with semigabled roof, has a triangularly shaped decorative roof gab...