Takenosako Shrine

Takenosako Shrine has a stage for villagers that is designated as a City's Cultural Property. The stage, built in a style with semigabled roof, has a triangularly shaped decorative roof gable. The main space is the size of 5-ken in length of crossbeam and 4-ken in length of beam. The front has an arched beam which makes the stage look spacious. The stage has a wooden floor in the front and the doubled floor in the center. The ceiling is left open to expose the underside of the roof. This stage was built in the late Edo Period, and has a trace of joruri stages
The stage was damaged in a tyhoon, but now it is repaired. The masonry seating still remains and even today several traditional ritual ceremonies are held on the stage, such as "Ganjo-sai Festival" in April to pray for a huge harvest, and "Aki no Taisai Festival" on October 19.
There is a big oak tree on the precinct, on the left side at the stone staircase after you go through the torii gate. This 1000-year-old giant tree is 6.3 meters in girth and 25 meters tall, and is designated as a City's Cultural Property.