Shichiroji Fountainhead

Shichiroji Fountainhead was designated as one of Kumamoto 100 famed mineral waters by Kumamoto Prefecture, Kumamoto Nichinichi Shimbun Newspaper, RKK Kumamoto Broadcasting Company on August 1st ,1985.
This fountainhead is in Hayakusuaza Shichiroji area in Misato town, and as much as 3000 ton water gush out every day. The fountainhead looks just like a mountain stream, but it is positively a spring, and fresh water comes out every moment.
A long time ago, when people visited this area for some chores from Gokanosho area, they used to drink this water and take a break.
The beautiful nature is also enjoyable all year round, from fresh greenery in spring and summer, autumn foliage to hoarfrost in winter.