Samata Aso Shrine

Samata Aso Shrine has a main building which was built in Sangensha Nagare Tsukuri, a style of three-bay wide structure with a gable roof. By putting stones, a foundation and round columns on a white plaster bun-shaped mound called "kamebara," and supporting with pieces of timber cuts called "Kirimenageshi" and head rails called "Kashira nuki," the building compeleted finally with two-layered interlocking brackets called "Wayo Futatesaki" for its roof.
The style of its gable decoration is called "Futaekoryo Taiheizuka," with Chikaragami powerful god and Maribori carvings in the round. Kohaibashira, a pillar supporting the long-extending roo,f is a quadrangular prism with a projecting entablature called "Demitsuto," nosing beam projections of an elephant and rafters of birds' purfled works. Those sculptures are said to have been created in the late Edo period, and are designated as City's Cultural Properties.
Every July, Summer Festival is held and many local people enjoy it.