Bairin Shrine

Bairin Shrine is famous for its shintai object of worship, which is said to be the standing statue of Aso Koreyasu, the lord of Katashida-jo Castle. It is designated as a City's Cultural Property. The statue itself is 96 cm tall, on the 17 cm-tall pedestal. In the back of the statue is written "Ganshu Shoya, Kozono, Daizennojo, Nakashoji, Bukojo, Keicho 1601, April 5."
On the precinct, there are two monuments. One of them says, "This shrine was founded by Gonno Daisozu Hoin Shokei, 1531," and the other has the names of the second and the third priests, constructed in 1552. These monuments prove that this Bairin Shrine used to be a temple at that time.