Kashiwagawa Ide Course -Walk with the Ripples

Kashiwagawa Ide Waterway was built in the late Edo period. It runs through high mountains to provide water to rice fields. On the way, you can see the Okedake Bridge, completed after a real hard work. Listen to the ripples from the stream, and enjoy the walk in gentle slopes. Distance: about 6 km Time: about 130 minutes


Okedake Bridge

In 1813, a locally noted person stood up to improve the irrigation situation around Ishino village and dozen other small villages. His name was Misumi Johachi, a head of Tomochi district. He st...


Nikubuse no Kiridoshi ...

Nikubuse no Kiridoshi is a road built by carving the wall of a castle site. The ceiling is so low that some people can reach it. In the old times, people used to hold parties here on ra...


Reidai Park

At Reidai Park, you can see the whole Reidaikyo Bridge from the observatory. Iwashimizu Bridge is built at the entrance of the park.