Uneno Yonnasse Course -Nostalgic Bamboo Forest Road

Start from Produce Museum Yonnasse and walk around the nature. Along the course, you will find acorn trees, a promenade at a camp ground and a bamboo forest road. Enjoy walking and have a great time with local people at Yonnasse! Distane: about 5 km Time: about 110 minutes


Produce Museum Yonnasse

Misato Produce Museum Yonnasse is a produce market. The building itself is an old farmhouse which was relocated to the current place. At the restaurant, you can enjoy delicious soba bu...


Misato no mori camp si...

Misato Town Garden Place Kazokumura is a recreation ground in the beautiful nature. Located by the lakeside of Midorikawa Dam, this recreation ground has lodges, bungalows and campgroun...